5 Lines on Taj Mahal In English | 5 Lines on Taj Mahal

 Tajmahal is the most popular place in India. Today I will share 5 Lines on the Taj Mahal In English. So without further delay let's get started

5 Lines on Taj Mahal In English

1: Tajmahal is located in Agra

2: Shahjahan built Tajmahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz

3: It was built in 1631 

4: Taj Mahal is open for tourist

5: Taj Mahal is a beautiful monument

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Few lines on taj mahal in English

1: Taj Mahal is the symbol of Shahjahan's loving life Mumtaz

2: Taj mahal is the seven wonders of the world

3: It was constructed in an area of 42 acres. 

4: foreigner and Indian also love to see the Tajmahal

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